Rèm vải phòng ngủ

Rèm vải phòng khách

rèm vải chống nắng

Rèm cửa sổ

Rèm vải

Rèm 2 lớp cản sáng

Rèm cửa 2 lớp chống nắng

Rèm cửa phòng ngủ

Rèm cửa sổ

Rèm vải phòng khách

Rèm lá dọc

Rèm cửa 2 lớp TPHCM

Rèm văn phòng cao cấp

Rèm gỗ

SP-ITC Terminal offers customers seamless services for import, export cargo movements such as:


SP-ITC Terminal Operation supports customers more & more benefits such as:

• 6 Gantry cranes with productivity of 30 moves/crane/hour

• Brand new, hi-tech yard equipment – 12 E-RTGs (1 over 5 high)

• Fast delivery and pick up container – GTT: 20 min.

• Late cut-off time• Good location – Nearby focal economic areas in the Southern Region

• Multi access routes through LT-GD Express Way, Ha Noi Highway, Belt Road No. 2, Phu My Bridge …

• Competitive rates

• Experienced, qualified working team

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