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International Transportation and Trading Joint Stock Company (ITC) was established under the business license number 4103000485 granted by Ho Chi Minh City Planning and Investment Department on March 07th, 2001.

The Inauguration Ceremony of SP-ITC International Container Terminal in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.

History and Development

ITC operates in key business areas such as vessel ownership, operation and management, shipping agents and customs brokers, freight road.

During more than 15 years of operation, ITC constantly promotes the development and expansion of business as well as gradually invest in new facilities and equipment. Until now, ITC has owned, managed and operated a vessel fleet with a total tonnage of 250,000 DWT, a ground transport vehicle fleet of 140 trucks and operate an international container terminal in Phu Huu Ward, District 9 HCMC known as SP-ITC.


With professional and experienced staff dedicated to work, the diverse resources of the company, the "Customer satisfaction is the sustainable development of the company" motto”.
ITC is always ready to provide transport solutions and service, delivery at top quality and competitive cost to our customers.


☆ 10/2004: increase capital from 1.5 billion VND to 15 billion VND.
☆08/2006: increase capital from 15 billion VND to 75 billion VND..
☆ 11/2006: increase capital from 75 billion VND to 150 billion VND..
☆ 03/2007: increase capital from 150 billion VND to 500 billion VND.
☆ 03/2008: increase capital from 500 billion VND to 550 billion VND.
☆ 05/2014: increase capital from 550 billion VND to 1,100 billion VND.

Customer Service

Main Services