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KMTC/HMM/Sinokor , a Korea-based carriers, called at SP-ITC International Container Terminal for their weekly vessels. From now on, their services berthed at SP-ITC weekly.

Welcome Ceremony at SP-ITC Main Wharf

This service will do the load/discharge from/to SP-ITC for HMM/KMTC/Sinokor Import/ Export Goods to Korea, Taiwan as routing : VNITC -KRKAN (GWANGYANG) -KRUSN (ULSAN) -KRPUS (PUSAN) -TWKHH (KAOHSIUNG) -VNITC

Cargo handling activities at SP-ITC

SP-ITC, the first international container terminal in Ho Chi Minh City, owned by a private company, which can offer to customer the flexible policies, best rates and most convenient procedures for cargo releasing. Most recently, under the Customs Zone No. 1 ( Same with Cat Lai Terminal) and VASSCM ( Automated Customs Controlling and Management System ), SP-ITC can facilitate the customer’s customs clearance form directly through the E-Port Account, which registered by the customers on website: e-port.itccorp.com.vn . Therefore, customers can save more customs cost, documentation cost, transporting cost…

Currently, there are carriers directly calling at SP-ITC weekly, such as: Evergreen, CMA-CGM, Huyndai, Taicang, KMTC,…Besides that, we’re providing shuttle barging services from/to Cai Mep Ports ( CMIT, TCIT, TCTT, SSIT,…) from/to SP-ITC for lines : Zim, ONE Line, Maersk, MSC,…



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